binary option robotBinary Option Robot is one of the top binary option signals services around. However, they operate slightly different than other services. In addition to standard signals services, they also provide an auto-trade feature. This feature in itself makes Binary Option Robot a smart bet for beginning traders as well as those that don’t have a lot of free time.

What Is Binary Option Robot?

The auto-trade tool is the single feature that sets Binary Option Robot apart from other signal services. The technology is unique to the company and isn’t something very many other companies are attempting to implement.

Most binary options trading services require you to be actively trading from a browser or a computer. Binary Option Robot makes the trading process much more simple. You setup your trading settings beforehand and then the service makes trades for you. You set trade amount, max daily trades, max daily loss, and assets to trade. The system then does the rest for you.

Binary Option Robot does, however, provide standard signals. These are sent by SMS (text) message and email. The notifications help those traders that want to be more directly involved in the trading process make their moves. The signals help you select the best assets to trade on, when to trade them, and over what time period to trade them on. At the end of the day, Binary Option Robot increases your winning average so you can make the largest profit possible.


Binary Option Robot combines the most advanced techniques and the most experienced traders to create the best signals possible. It also serves to automate the trading process to make things as easy as possible for its users.

Another key benefit of the automated trading feature is that it reduces stress. It means that traders don’t have to be glued to their phones and computers all of the time. It limits the stress and time involved, making things easier all around. It also enables safer decisions to be made while trading rather than making unnecessary risks.

Binary Option Robot is also so popular because it is free and can be used by users of all platforms. These two factors have definitely helped in the service’s success and popularity. Nothing needs to be downloaded to use it so it is as easy as installing the service to get started.

Customer Service

Customer service from Binary Option Robot is top notch. Right from the get-go, the company website provides plenty of information relating to the ins and outs of their product. The FAQ section outlines answers to several of the most commonly asked questions. It is doubtful that the average user will even need to contact customer support with questions if they browse through this section of the website first.

If push comes to shove and you do have a question that you need answered, it is easy to get into contact with a Binary Option Robot customer service representative. The company is dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible. The best way to contact support is through their email. The company also encourages those interested in using the service to contact them with questions before signing up if desired.

Final Review of Binary Option Robot

Binary Option Robot is a binary options trading service unlike most others. It combines binary option signals with a unique automated trading feature. This gives users several different options to choose from when using the service. Their high level of performance, solid winning rate on automated and self-made trades, and affordable value help Binary Option Robot stick out from the competition.