updown signalsBinary options trading can be difficult, especially for relative newcomers that are trading on their own. That’s exactly where a service like UpDown Signals comes into play. The binary option signals service employs the skills and experience of a number of trading experts as well as top-of-the-line financial technology to help traders of all skill levels increase their chances of trading success.

What is UpDown Signals?

UpDown Signals is one of the top online binary options trading services available today. Though there are constantly new binary options services popping up, UpDown has a proven track record of success. This in itself makes them a very popular choice for new and experienced traders alike.

The binary signals that UpDown provides are based on the moves made by experienced traders as well as on an algorithmic trading model. The service is also dedicated to live market data gathering to provide the most accurate trading information possible. Their signals help you decide what assets to trade on, when to trade them, and over what time period. They are dedicated to increasing your average win rate and supplying you with consistent success so you withdraw profit and earn back your cash.

UpDown Signals operates with an SMS (text message) alerting system. You can also receive notifications via email. This allows you to act on signals in real time, making moves when pertinent.


The primary feature that UpDown Signals offers is none other than its binary option signals service. The signals that the company generates are based on an algorithmic model.

The algorithmic model employs a five-step process to provide the most accurate predictions possible. It calculates the statistical likelihood that a trading opportunity will provide the expected and preferred end result.

The five steps that UpDown uses in their algorithmic model are:

  1. Assets List – Available assets are first filtered so only those that are most likely to react positively to the statistical models are available to trade on.
  2. Pre-Opening Data – The assets that made the assets list are then run to determine the expected volume and trade sizes.
  3. Market at Opening – Next the assets which have made the cut are given a half hour of trading time so price action can be monitored.
  4. Proprietary Models – Four additional mathematical models are run on remaining assets in real time.
  5. Filtering – The final stage of the algorithmic model filters out the strongest signals. The assets are then ranked according to their strength.

After the UpDown Signals algorithmic process is complete, up to the five best signals are selected each trading day. These are then sent out via an SMS or email alert. The signals are sent out daily at 11:30 EST so you always know when to expect them.

Customer Service

Customer support is at the forefront of the UpDown Signals experience. This is particularly important for newcomers to binary options trading that might need help or have difficulty understanding the service itself. The trading team can easily be reached 24/7 with any questions you might have.

Final Review of UpDown Signals

There is a reason that UpDown Signals is such a popular binary options trading service. And that reason is that they are top quality.

Everything from the features they offer to the performance of their service to their affordable pricing is on point. They are known for the high accuracy of their signals – over 75% – as well as the simplicity and straightforwardness of their service.

If you are interested in binary option signals, then UpDown Signals is a great service to start with. Their team of experts and finely tuned algorithmic trading model greatly increase your chances of achieving consistent success.